Bike Fitting

We specialize in professional mountain bike fitting for the most discerning riders.

After designing hundreds of custom fit, custom geometry frames, we’ve come to know what we’re doing when it comes to mountain bike fit. Our area of expertise is in XC & endurance ride fit, with standard, alternative, or drop handlebars.

Pro Fit: We can work with you to eek every bit of performance out of the bike you’re riding. Variables include saddle & pedal cleat position, saddle-to-handlebar relationship, suspension fork height, and fork offset. This service is available by appointment in the shop, or remotely via our Homework Assignment.

Custom Frame Design: We can work with you and/or a custom frame builder to design your next frame from a blank sheet of canvas. Additional variables here from the Pro Fit are seat tube length, effective top tube length, front-center, chain stay length, bottom bracket drop, head tube length, head & seat angles.



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