Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

When Jim landed in Seattle and called the contact’s he’d made on Couchsurfing.com, they were so nice he wondered if it could even be true. “Are they going to bury me?” he asked himself. His hosts- Chris & Jaclynn- ended up showing him the film Inspired to Ride that evening. He enjoyed the fellowship of like minded folks, and knew his trip was off to a good start. Jim had decided to set out on his 1600 mile ride over the course of 18 days some time earlier. He’d known a guy in college who’d made the trip, and decided … Continue reading Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

Bike Shop Dad: If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

“If you can’t get out of it it, get into it.” A number of my friends and Stagecoach 400 riders have heard me preach this– usually in the middle of a hike-a-bike in the middle of the night, in the middle of the desert somewhere or in a mountain range with a horizon that seems impossibly far away. The phrase came to me as a young Airman on my first deployment to Kuwait in 1998, when a wise old Staff Sergeant (probably in his early 30’s!) shared it with all us young guys as a way to boost morale. The … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

Bike Shop Dad: Finding Ground

Contemporary parenthood is taxing, demanding, work pulling us in all directions at any given moment. The kids have constant day-to-day needs (preparing meals, logistics for school and activities, household chores) and their special, fleeting needs (social challenges, behavior corrections, etc) require timely response or the opportunity is missed. Us parents heap plenty on our own plates as well– career challenges, maintaing a house & car, and the complicated grown-up issues stemming from relationships, planning for the future, maintaining physical & mental health, and maybe even some spirituality. We deal with everything, we take care of it. We get it handled. But all too … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: Finding Ground

Rain, Wind, and Good Times along the 2016 Stagecoach 400

We departed the Idyllwild Bake & Brew at 9am Friday March 11th.  Exactly one hour delay from schedule, which ain’t too shabby for this bunch. The rental trackers were delayed- as is the expected norm- coming from a sled dog race in Alaska. We enjoyed a hero’s departure as the elementary school children lined up to cheer us on as we left town. Approximately 69 riders started the ride. -But that delay might’ve been a good thing. Weather moved in Friday afternoon, presenting rain, high wind, and a significant temperature drop sometime around sunset. Lead pack riders charged up out … Continue reading Rain, Wind, and Good Times along the 2016 Stagecoach 400

Stagecoach 400 Gear List

“What should I bring?” I can’t answer that directly, but you can use my own list as a baseline. Ultimately, there is no perfect packing list. Variables can include weather, conditioning (riding & campcraft) and personal preferences. This is what I’ve carried, and where I carry it. Some of these items end up moving to different areas of the bike. My goal is usually to have a 60% weight distribution favoring the rear of the bike, or the seat pack. In the Seat Bag (packed in order): – A ziplock bag with pre-portioned robot food powder (such as Hammer Perpetuem). … Continue reading Stagecoach 400 Gear List