May Valley Road Reopened

After nearly a year, May Valley Road has been reopened to public access.  We took this past Saturday’s shop ride through May Valley, something we haven’t been able to do in nearly a year. The Forest Service reopened May Valley road last week, which now means cyclists, hikers, and horseback riders once again have an off-highway route to connect Idyllwild to Hurkey Creek and surrounding areas of Thomas Mountain, Rouse Ridge, etc. It also means we will have better access to bikepacking opportunities all over the mountain without having to ride Highway 243. The entire area had been closed to … Continue reading May Valley Road Reopened

Biscuits & Gravy Ride June 29th

This gravy train has biscuit wheels. We’re putting in some good miles on some strange dirt. It’ll be like a shop ride, but bigger, harder, longer… and on a Sunday. When? Sunday, June 29th. Be at the shop and sign your waiver by 8:30. Buy some stuff while you’re at it. Ride leaves at 9am. Where? At the shop. Park at Idyllwild Inn, in the middle of town. Book a reservation there while you’re at it. Who should come? Folks who have ridden our shop rides before, but would like to go further. It’ll be a challenge. The Ride: about … Continue reading Biscuits & Gravy Ride June 29th

72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole- The Mountains

I didn’t sleep well at the beach.  Three or four hours passed on the sand, but I awoke several times to anxieties of undesirables who might be lurking in the bush nearby. My day started at 4am. I clipped in and rode off into darkness, lights on in the haze. I felt tired, and a little hungover, even. A cumulative effect of suboptimal food, a lot of sun, and 200+ miles in 48 hours.  Within a few miles I stopped at an AM/PM, which delivered on their claim of “Too Much Good Stuff.” I stocked up for the day ahead. … Continue reading 72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole- The Mountains

72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole- Day 1

 71 hours, 58 minutes and so much more  I left Monday after delaying the start a full day… which would’ve been a move up in the first place. I had the opportunity to see the Pixies live at Pappy & Harriets… a barnlike venue in Yucca Valley described as a “hipster honky tonk”. The chance to see Pixies was worth shuffling my days, I figured. But duty called, and it turned out I didn’t have much time to spare. A guy can only have so much fun. Jump in I left the house around 4 am Monday morning, stopped by … Continue reading 72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole- Day 1

Rejuvenation Celebration on The Hill- Idyllwild Opening Again

The evacuation order for the Idyllwild area was just lifted. Locals are filing back in to town and beginning the return to normalcy. The Mountain Fire has over the past week led us to the verge of heartbreak, and consumed our thoughts… but it has also grown our community closer to one another, forged new friendships and reinforced community bonds. I for one feel even better connected with the town I love after this fire than I did before. I am extremely proud to be a part of Idyllwild. Now it’s time to give back. The imagery & coverage on … Continue reading Rejuvenation Celebration on The Hill- Idyllwild Opening Again