Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

“That sidewinder almost got me!” said Rod as he emerged from darkness at the top of a sand wash. KC and I were waiting at the road intersection at the top of the wash, contemplating the newfangled casino lights flickering in the distance. Apparently we’d taken a slightly different route to the road and avoided the hostile snake. An hour earlier, I’d just rolled into town, unloaded my bike and stuffed a sub sandwich into my pack. Sunset came like a light switch, and we were in the desert, amongst sidewinders, tarantulas, and other critters. 29 Palms is a desert town … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

When Jim landed in Seattle and called the contact’s he’d made on, they were so nice he wondered if it could even be true. “Are they going to bury me?” he asked himself. His hosts- Chris & Jaclynn- ended up showing him the film Inspired to Ride that evening. He enjoyed the fellowship of like minded folks, and knew his trip was off to a good start. Jim had decided to set out on his 1600 mile ride over the course of 18 days some time earlier. He’d known a guy in college who’d made the trip, and decided … Continue reading Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

Rain, Wind, and Good Times along the 2016 Stagecoach 400

We departed the Idyllwild Bake & Brew at 9am Friday March 11th.  Exactly one hour delay from schedule, which ain’t too shabby for this bunch. The rental trackers were delayed- as is the expected norm- coming from a sled dog race in Alaska. We enjoyed a hero’s departure as the elementary school children lined up to cheer us on as we left town. Approximately 69 riders started the ride. -But that delay might’ve been a good thing. Weather moved in Friday afternoon, presenting rain, high wind, and a significant temperature drop sometime around sunset. Lead pack riders charged up out … Continue reading Rain, Wind, and Good Times along the 2016 Stagecoach 400

Dick’s Verona Ultegra Di2

Dick made a leap forward in technology this week, replacing old Raleigh with a Marin Verona Ultegra Di2.  Dick’s new bike, a 2014 Marin Verona T3 carbon frame with endurance fit geometry, features Shimano’s electronic Ultegra Di2 drivetrain. The bike also features a tubeless wheel system from Easton that allows the rider to choose between a tubeless setup or a traditional tubed system. The Verona is made to reward the longest rides, with a taller head tube, and a shorter effective top tube for a given size. There’s no beating around the bush here, electronic shifting is the future of … Continue reading Dick’s Verona Ultegra Di2

72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole, part 2: The Ocean

Day 2 started in the serene desert predawn, concluded with waves crashing at the Pacific Ocean. I popped up from the hammock in front of the Agua Caliente store in the dark of night, aware that I could easily drift off to sleep again, but excited to make progress. I’d spent 7 hours at the store, recovering from digestive problems in the desert heat… and spending some time getting into a proper adventuring headspace with Mark. Despite the long stopover I felt a sense of pride to be rolling at the early hour. It was almost 4am. I gathered my … Continue reading 72 Hours in the Rabbit Hole, part 2: The Ocean

2014 Marin Bikes Rocky Ridge

We’ve had a chance to get a couple rides in on the brand new Trail Hardtail offering from Marin Bikes. While the Rocky Ridge name has a heritage with Marin, the 2014 model is completely new from the ground up. Sporting a beefy hardtail frame with trail geometry, 27.5″ wheels, and a 130mm fork, the bike fits squarely in the do-anything trail bike category. It is one of relatively few hardtails on the market to take this “trail bike” moniker.    Our Rocky Ridge 7.6 demo bike landed this past week. Out of the box, I noticed this $2599 MSRP … Continue reading 2014 Marin Bikes Rocky Ridge