Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

“That sidewinder almost got me!” said Rod as he emerged from darkness at the top of a sand wash. KC and I were waiting at the road intersection at the top of the wash, contemplating the newfangled casino lights flickering in the distance. Apparently we’d taken a slightly different route to the road and avoided the hostile snake. An hour earlier, I’d just rolled into town, unloaded my bike and stuffed a sub sandwich into my pack. Sunset came like a light switch, and we were in the desert, amongst sidewinders, tarantulas, and other critters. 29 Palms is a desert town … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

Robert’s Lynskey Backroad Tourer

Robert wanted a do-it-all touring bike that he could commute on, or hit the occasional dirt road with.  This Titanium wunderbike hails from Chattanooga, Tennessee, from our friends at Lynskey bikes. It’s robust for sure; a beefy down tube and chain stays mated to a long & low geometry with provisions for racks, fenders, and all the trimmings. The frame finish is outstanding, and sports nice details like the artistically styled dropouts, smart cable routing, and a very pleasing decal set. We’ve come come to believe Titanium is a great frame material for so many uses… and road touring is … Continue reading Robert’s Lynskey Backroad Tourer

The Hub Welcomes Lynskey Titanium Bikes

We’ve partnered with Lynskey to bring you the finest titanium bikes around. And we couldn’t be more excited! We’ve wanted a titanium offering at the shop to compliment other frame materials. Titanium frames have an enjoyable, lively & refined feel… combined with lighter weight and great durability. All good traits for anyone putting in big miles, be it on a bikepacking trip or a century ride. Haven’t heard of Lynskey Performace? If you ride a bunch, I’d bet you’ve seen their bikes. They’ve been jigging & welding titanium bikes for a long time, going back to the heyday of Litespeed … Continue reading The Hub Welcomes Lynskey Titanium Bikes