Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

“That sidewinder almost got me!” said Rod as he emerged from darkness at the top of a sand wash. KC and I were waiting at the road intersection at the top of the wash, contemplating the newfangled casino lights flickering in the distance. Apparently we’d taken a slightly different route to the road and avoided the hostile snake. An hour earlier, I’d just rolled into town, unloaded my bike and stuffed a sub sandwich into my pack. Sunset came like a light switch, and we were in the desert, amongst sidewinders, tarantulas, and other critters. 29 Palms is a desert town … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

Bike Shop Dad: Finding Ground

Contemporary parenthood is taxing, demanding, work pulling us in all directions at any given moment. The kids have constant day-to-day needs (preparing meals, logistics for school and activities, household chores) and their special, fleeting needs (social challenges, behavior corrections, etc) require timely response or the opportunity is missed. Us parents heap plenty on our own plates as well– career challenges, maintaing a house & car, and the complicated grown-up issues stemming from relationships, planning for the future, maintaining physical & mental health, and maybe even some spirituality. We deal with everything, we take care of it. We get it handled. But all too … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: Finding Ground

12 Hours of Temecula, The Band Gets Together

We got the band together for a weekend of fun. Enough buzz generated amongst some regulars at our store, Hub Cyclery, that we decided to get some people together for a 12 hour effort. Mary and I haven’t been in the racing scene much since we became parents a couple years ago. The 12 Hours of Temecula was close enough and fun enough to pack up the ol’ rig and make a go of it. The decisions were made: we had a 4 person open team, a 12 hour solo, a 6 hour solo, and a duo. We gathered up, … Continue reading 12 Hours of Temecula, The Band Gets Together

Oat & Molasses Bars

I’ve been adding to my kitchen repertoire with these delicious bars. They’re easy to make, and packed with healthy ingredients. I decided to start experimenting after years of being underwhelmed with packaged bars. From my quick study, it seems most energy bars can broken down into three components: bulk, sweetener, protein. …and maybe a fourth; tasty bits. Bulk: This can come in the form of flour (wheat, oat, etc). I choose oats, mainly because they’re gentle on my stomach and I love oatmeal before morning rides. Easy. Also, I wanted to give a gluten-free bar a whirl. I won’t be … Continue reading Oat & Molasses Bars

Opening Day: Desert Season

Desert Season. That’s my informal label for the months of the year we ride certain areas & trail systems. In the summer, when most southern Californians seek shelter by the way of air conditioning, we ride in the cedars & pines. Come Fall, when the leaves come down & we light the fireplace, we tend to ride in lower climes; in the chaparral & the desert. I’ve come to prefer this over living in a more temperate climate (San Diego comes to mind) because we get to visit different, fresh, destinations year round. Here’s the scoop: Mt San Jacinto (our … Continue reading Opening Day: Desert Season