Ceviche and the Monkeywrench Gang

“Dude I’ve been trying to get ahold of you!” Cedar had been calling me and leaving messages for a couple days. I’d been ignoring them because… life. (sorry man!) He caught me one day while doing some work at a coffee shop. “What would you think about doing a demo ride/bikepacking trip with Advocate Cycles right after Interbike?”   “Well heck,” I thought, “I’ve asked, practically begged, two other bike companies to do this with me in the past…” Advocate Cycles is a legit up-and-comer bike brand in the adventure-by-bike segment. Keep an eye on them, it’ll be good. I knew … Continue reading Ceviche and the Monkeywrench Gang

Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

“That sidewinder almost got me!” said Rod as he emerged from darkness at the top of a sand wash. KC and I were waiting at the road intersection at the top of the wash, contemplating the newfangled casino lights flickering in the distance. Apparently we’d taken a slightly different route to the road and avoided the hostile snake. An hour earlier, I’d just rolled into town, unloaded my bike and stuffed a sub sandwich into my pack. Sunset came like a light switch, and we were in the desert, amongst sidewinders, tarantulas, and other critters. 29 Palms is a desert town … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: The Reset Button- Camp Dirtbag

Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

When Jim landed in Seattle and called the contact’s he’d made on Couchsurfing.com, they were so nice he wondered if it could even be true. “Are they going to bury me?” he asked himself. His hosts- Chris & Jaclynn- ended up showing him the film Inspired to Ride that evening. He enjoyed the fellowship of like minded folks, and knew his trip was off to a good start. Jim had decided to set out on his 1600 mile ride over the course of 18 days some time earlier. He’d known a guy in college who’d made the trip, and decided … Continue reading Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

Bike Shop Dad: If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

“If you can’t get out of it it, get into it.” A number of my friends and Stagecoach 400 riders have heard me preach this– usually in the middle of a hike-a-bike in the middle of the night, in the middle of the desert somewhere or in a mountain range with a horizon that seems impossibly far away. The phrase came to me as a young Airman on my first deployment to Kuwait in 1998, when a wise old Staff Sergeant (probably in his early 30’s!) shared it with all us young guys as a way to boost morale. The … Continue reading Bike Shop Dad: If you can’t get out of it, get into it.

Tim & Hope’s Fatbikes

Ride softer terrain, or gain the ability to ride more of anything than previously possible.  That’s my one-sentence definition of what the Fatbike movement is about. You’ll see more and more fatbike excitement around The Hub this coming season going into Fall, and Winter. We have some fun stuff on the horizon that’ll best leverage these bikes’ strengths. “Fatbikes are mountain bikes” is only part true. They might be super bikes. Fatbikes are opening up possibilities for riders of all skill levels. For the expert rider, it can mean going further out into uncharted territory… and for the less experienced … Continue reading Tim & Hope’s Fatbikes