Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

When Jim landed in Seattle and called the contact’s he’d made on Couchsurfing.com, they were so nice he wondered if it could even be true. “Are they going to bury me?” he asked himself. His hosts- Chris & Jaclynn- ended up showing him the film Inspired to Ride that evening. He enjoyed the fellowship of like minded folks, and knew his trip was off to a good start. Jim had decided to set out on his 1600 mile ride over the course of 18 days some time earlier. He’d known a guy in college who’d made the trip, and decided … Continue reading Jim’s Seattle to Oceanside Ride

The Etymology of Optimator

How Optimator got its name. (The story as I know it) Some years ago, (fifteen?) a couple guys were working a trail. After a hard day’s work, they were relaxing with some beers and discussing what a good name for the trail might be. They were drinking Optimator, a German double bock from Spaten when they noticed the two shovels on the label. BAM! a trail name. That trail has gone on to become perhaps the best known piece of singletrack in the Hub system. The literal translation of Optimator, from German, is “Optimum Gate.” I must admit, I didn’t know … Continue reading The Etymology of Optimator

Bikepacking with a Toddler: Inner Dialogue Q&A

What could be better? I love bike packing, and I love my boy. I’d like to introduce one to the other. I don’t have the answers to these questions yet, but this is one direction I’d like to go. This is my inner dialogue. Maybe an odd blog format? Whatever, dig in. Read on if you’re pregnant, have kids, or want to have kids, and you think bike packing is rad. I’ll sort it out as we go. My urge to get out “over the horizon” has been stronger lately than it has been in a while; similar but totally … Continue reading Bikepacking with a Toddler: Inner Dialogue Q&A

Fundraising for May Valley Trails project

The Idyllwild Cycling Club is aligning with IMBA and getting serious about ongoing advocacy efforts in the May Valley Trail system. And there’s a party to celebrate it. Joining IMBA brings love to our trails; firstly in the form of regular visits from our IMBA rep, Patrick, who ain’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig into the bureaucratic slop. And it gives us access to other IMBA resources too, ranging from the technical to the political. But the love ain’t free. The newly reformed Idyllwild Cycling Club needs cash, and your involvement. Idy Cycling is raising bucks both … Continue reading Fundraising for May Valley Trails project