May Valley Road Reopened

After nearly a year, May Valley Road has been reopened to public access.  We took this past Saturday’s shop ride through May Valley, something we haven’t been able to do in nearly a year. The Forest Service reopened May Valley road last week, which now means cyclists, hikers, and horseback riders once again have an off-highway route to connect Idyllwild to Hurkey Creek and surrounding areas of Thomas Mountain, Rouse Ridge, etc. It also means we will have better access to bikepacking opportunities all over the mountain without having to ride Highway 243. The entire area had been closed to … Continue reading May Valley Road Reopened

Mines, new trail, and Jack’s Shack

An impromptu after work ride turned into full fledged adventure. I joined up with Nick and Robin yesterday after closing up the bike shop for a little ride. Unbeknownst to me, we’d hit some new goods, and visit some very old places. We toured Jack’s Shack, a favorite mid elevation destination of mine. Disaster struck Robin’s crankset. All but one of his chainring bolts had gone MIA. We scoured the trail and managed to find one to get him home. All part of a good day’s (after) work. B Continue reading Mines, new trail, and Jack’s Shack

2011 San Jacinto Enduro

The 2011 Enduro is in the books and embedded in the minds of those who participated. Some dudes from LA, particularly a guy by the name of Brian Kaufman, put together this most excellent video from the ride. You must watch it. It’s good. Really good. I’ve-gotta-go-ride-now good. Check out Brian’s stuff at Whiskey Dojo. The San Jacinto Enduro enjoyed its 3rd year, brought together by Idyllwild peeps at Siren and Hub Cyclery. I rode my new purpose built machine The Krush and loved it. Took major time off my old personal record. Without further adieu, here’s the video. Enjoy. Continue reading 2011 San Jacinto Enduro

Idyllwild to Solana Beach Bikepack

Two days, one night… Idyllwild to Solana Beach. Family pickup at the end. About 160 miles or so. Our chosen route to the beach incorporated a lot of dirt road, some asphalt, and very little singletrack. I was striving to load my bike in such a way as the keep the center of gravity low, so I left the backpack at home and carried everything on the bike. It meant I couldn’t feasibly carry a water bladder, so hydration would be tricky but I figured it could be a worthy tradeoff for better handling on dirt roads. Climbing out of … Continue reading Idyllwild to Solana Beach Bikepack

The Percheron

Bill Lowman’s road touring machine carries Idyllwild heritage.  Bill Lowman, the founding headmaster of Idyllwild Arts, commissioned me to build a steed with which he’ll ride into retirement. Bill’s retirement ceremony kicked off this past Friday, June 25th, and took delivery of his new bike on the same day. He’s leaving tracks from Idyllwild and will be enjoying a number of supported road tours, some with his new bike. Bill leaves Idyllwild a town changed for the better. Read more about him here. I was quite honored to take his bike order… and challenged to execute it. Bill is a … Continue reading The Percheron

Pioneertown/Big Bear/ Oak Glen Odyssey

We marked the calendars a while back. We were overdue a bikepack. Ever since starting the new bike shop, I’ve been fiscally obligated to work at precisely the most opportune times to ride a bicycle. To my despair, this kept me sidelined for the longer rides, the sort of adventures I often measure in units of bodily soreness, much like Hayduke measured distance in beers consumed. First the contact points, then the knees, then the back, and so on… I was ready for a good ride, the sort of ride that brings on multiple layers of sunblock, maybe caked on … Continue reading Pioneertown/Big Bear/ Oak Glen Odyssey