Top 12 from 2012 at The HUB, Idyllwild

Trails Kept Getting Better We’ve never before had such an active crew of locals ready to pitch in their backbreaking labor to keep the trails in tip top shape. Existing trails all got brushwork and tread work this year. Simon Barnes Joined The Hub Simon joined us this year, part time. He’s a good Wrench to have around, and a great guy. He’s currently helping us develop our suspension service & tuning offerings beyond that of other Southern California shops. He’s good with machine equipment and he’s got an English accent, which is pretty fun too. Community Support For Riding … Continue reading Top 12 from 2012 at The HUB, Idyllwild

May ValleyCat was a hit!

The May ValleyCat fundraiser went off this past weekend, it was a huge success. Didn’t hear about it? We were raising funds for the newly reformed Idyllwild Cycling Club, which is taking on a new focus as an advocacy group under president Wayne Sleme and partnering with IMBA to assure access to local trails and get the May Valley Trail system formerly dedicated by the USFS. How’d we do it? Turns out it was pretty simple; we just asked people who’ve been enjoying the trails to get involved. We asked people to donate to the cause, and threw together a … Continue reading May ValleyCat was a hit!

Fundraising for May Valley Trails project

The Idyllwild Cycling Club is aligning with IMBA and getting serious about ongoing advocacy efforts in the May Valley Trail system. And there’s a party to celebrate it. Joining IMBA brings love to our trails; firstly in the form of regular visits from our IMBA rep, Patrick, who ain’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and dig into the bureaucratic slop. And it gives us access to other IMBA resources too, ranging from the technical to the political. But the love ain’t free. The newly reformed Idyllwild Cycling Club needs cash, and your involvement. Idy Cycling is raising bucks both … Continue reading Fundraising for May Valley Trails project