The Etymology of Optimator

How Optimator got its name. (The story as I know it) Some years ago, (fifteen?) a couple guys were working a trail. After a hard day’s work, they were relaxing with some beers and discussing what a good name for the trail might be. They were drinking Optimator, a German double bock from Spaten when they noticed the two shovels on the label. BAM! a trail name. That trail has gone on to become perhaps the best known piece of singletrack in the Hub system. The literal translation of Optimator, from German, is “Optimum Gate.” I must admit, I didn’t know … Continue reading The Etymology of Optimator

What Being a Veteran Means to me

I made my trip to Chicago MEPS (Military Entrance Processing Station) in 1996, a few months after high school graduation. My life took on a new level of adventure and wonder that’s carried on ever since. I carry my Air Force experience with me every day. I feel a connection with all veterans, and I believe it comes from a knowledge that we all understand a particular set of values: a “Service Before Self” philosophy that we’ve all allowed to take priority at some significant period of time during military experience. We’ve all made a commitment to put our own … Continue reading What Being a Veteran Means to me