Behind the Shop Doors

What’s happening in the steel building? Take a virtual tour of the new shop- no need for safety glasses here.

This will give you a start. We will be updating this page from time to time to give you more insight to the process behind our bikes. Search the blog category “shop work” for up-to-date projects.

A few good entries:

Equipment Move – the start of the Idyllwild shop December ’07

Shop Pixels – some good shots of the Idyllwild shop as we were moving in

Makin’ Chips – in-house machining parts for the Song (they’re CNC’d now, but the first bikes were machined by hand)

Sneak Peak

More Parts

BAMboo– a little fun with Mother Nature’s carbon fiber. (see also Bag o’ Hammers)

Chorus– the start of Song production

Sterling Head Badge

First Article– Siren’s first 3D machined part, the new Song seatstay yoke




5 thoughts on “Behind the Shop Doors

  1. Hello
    I have found you guys when I seen an John Henry burgundy color
    frame on line. I was Going WOW…WOW …WOW..
    I looked it up and found your website, I Currently ride a Marin alpine trail 19″ 2009 model.. But Siren would be my choice in another hard tail design.
    I like everything you guys do in building and design so much i’m willing to go steel and get off the Aluminum..
    You are on my wish list for a John Henry.. I would build me a 29er with this frame..
    Until then I’m Dreaming ….
    Send me a Siren sticker man!!
    Kind regards and Pedal like mad!!!


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