Marin demo bike SALE

We need to find homes for these 2016 carbon Marin demo bikes! Each of these bikes were custom builds, valued between $6000 and $7000… we’re selling them off for nearly half that! Each of these bikes are tuned in, ready to ride and will serve for years to come. Each of these bikes are size Large, though the Attack Trail & Mt Vision fit more like most size Medium bikes. Please call the shop or drop us a message if you have ANY questions about these bikes. 2016 Rift Zone Pro, 29er $3400 Marin’s flagship 29er, this carbon bike can … Continue reading Marin demo bike SALE

Ceviche and the Monkeywrench Gang

“Dude I’ve been trying to get ahold of you!” Cedar had been calling me and leaving messages for a couple days. I’d been ignoring them because… life. (sorry man!) He caught me one day while doing some work at a coffee shop. “What would you think about doing a demo ride/bikepacking trip with Advocate Cycles right after Interbike?”   “Well heck,” I thought, “I’ve asked, practically begged, two other bike companies to do this with me in the past…” Advocate Cycles is a legit up-and-comer bike brand in the adventure-by-bike segment. Keep an eye on them, it’ll be good. I knew … Continue reading Ceviche and the Monkeywrench Gang