Brendan Collier

I applied at the local bike shop for my first job, in 1990 when I was 13 years old. They put me to work mopping floors and cleaning windows.

I’ve worked in the bike industry nonstop (some 25 years!) ever since. I’ve worked on the manufacturing side of the bike industry and started a frame building company. I’m a master mechanic, very good rider, and highly experienced backpacker/bikepacker. I enjoy living my job and my kids do too.


Tanya Wampler

Tanya is a part time Hubster and a full time badass. She joined the shop in 2015 and has since fallen in love with mountain biking and learned to turn wrenches at United Bicycle Institute in Oregon. She’s like family to the Collier boys and a friend to all who come through the shop.


Jim Dover

Jim is a less-than-part-time Hubster and full time great guy. (especially for a roadie)
Jim rides a bunch, helps out and hangs at the shop a bunch too. He’s a professional rock climbing guide and you should hire him. Jim’s highly experienced in the bike industry, and life. You’d want him to date your sister.