2017 Stagecoach 400 December Update 1

In keeping with Stagecoach 400 tradition, 100% of all money generated from the Stagecoach 400 will go to a local charity.
This year it’s the Idyllwild Help Center. The Help Center was our first beneficiary, back in 2009 with our first year running the San Jacinto Enduro, when we organized a food drive with the ride. We generated 350 food items with that ride. This year we’ll be making a cash donation by way of the Stagecoach 400 registration donations.

SPOT tracker use NOT mandatory
This year will NOT have mandatory use of SPOT trackers. We plan to set up a Trackleaders page as we have done in years past, and it’ll be up to you if you’d like to be shown on the board or not. We’ll provide information to register your own SPOT, or to rent one.

More tour options
The 2017 route will read more like a Choose Your Own Adventure novel than before. We will provide route information to highlight (or bypass) certain sections of the route. Options will now include a trip through Blacks Beach (nudist) and Coronado Island will be back on the route, as an option. Mileage & ride time will vary slightly because of this.
The “core” route will not include these options and will be used as the baseline of reference for riders with an eye for record keeping.



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