Tim & Hope’s Fatbikes

Ride softer terrain, or gain the ability to ride more of anything than previously possible

That’s my one-sentence definition of what the Fatbike movement is about.
You’ll see more and more fatbike excitement around The Hub this coming season going into Fall, and Winter. We have some fun stuff on the horizon that’ll best leverage these bikes’ strengths. “Fatbikes are mountain bikes” is only part true. They might be super bikes.
Fatbikes are opening up possibilities for riders of all skill levels. For the expert rider, it can mean going further out into uncharted territory… and for the less experienced rider, it can lend confidence to tackle foreboding trails.
In Tim & Hope’s case, I’m hoping to see a little of both come about with their new bikes. Tim will have more opportunity to get out to the back of beyond, and Hope will have more opportunity to join Tim on singletrack.

Tim & Hope recently picked up a set of fatbikes to call their own. Tim’s Salsa Mukluk Ti is a work of art, with utter functionality. It features a butted titanium frame, gorgeous craftsmanship, and Alternator dropouts that allow the chainstay length to be adjusted for ride personality or singlespeed capability. It is suspension ready and will play nicely with a Bluto fork if need be.
To sum it up, this bike is a high performance mountain bike that happens to have big tires. For Tim, this bike could be the ticket to bring him further and further out into the mountains, to ride new trail & explore new canyons.

Salsa Mukluk, in titanium
Salsa Mukluk, in titanium

Hope’s Pugsley is, to start, cute as a button in the extra small frame size.
Her Pugsley uses tried and true  fatbike geometry, an offset frame with 135mm axle spacing front and rear. Component highlights include thumb shifters that’ll easily switch to friction mode if need be, and holey rolling darryl rims to lighten up the rotating weight.
In Hope’s case this bike may likely give her the traction & uprighted-ness required to ride a given trail she might not otherwise attempt… and at the end of the day we’re always eager to see folks get out onto the single wide.

Pretty much the bike that started it all
Pretty much the bike that started it all


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