The Etymology of Optimator

How Optimator got its name. (The story as I know it)

Some years ago, (fifteen?) a couple guys were working a trail. After a hard day’s work, they were relaxing with some beers and discussing what a good name for the trail might be. They were drinking Optimator, a German double bock from Spaten when they noticed the two shovels on the label. BAM! a trail name.
That trail has gone on to become perhaps the best known piece of singletrack in the Hub system.

"whoa, look there's two shovels on my beer. Cosmic man, COSMIC!"
“There’s two shovels on my beer. Cosmic man, COSMIC!”

The literal translation of Optimator, from German, is “Optimum Gate.” I must admit, I didn’t know that part of the story until doing a google search today, but for me the translation just adds even more cool juice to the lore. The trail is like a gate from the canopied tree cover of Pine Cove to the chaparral below, done in the most badass, optimum way. 

So we named our coffee after it. 
When we discussed our custom blend with Idyllwild Coffee Roasters, we were after a well rounded dark roast that’d do well for espresso and Americanos before rides. For us, it was an optimum blend and worthy of the Optimator name.
Our coffee is roasted fresh just about every week and available on our webstore here.

The beans are #003
The beans are #003

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