Biscuits & Gravy Ride June 29th

This gravy train has biscuit wheels.

View from Indian Mountain area
View from Indian Mountain area

We’re putting in some good miles on some strange dirt. It’ll be like a shop ride, but bigger, harder, longer… and on a Sunday.
When? Sunday, June 29th. Be at the shop and sign your waiver by 8:30. Buy some stuff while you’re at it. Ride leaves at 9am.
Where? At the shop. Park at Idyllwild Inn, in the middle of town. Book a reservation there while you’re at it.
Who should come? Folks who have ridden our shop rides before, but would like to go further. It’ll be a challenge.
The Ride: about 45 miles, 6,000ft of climbing. 50/50ish dirt & pavement, out to Black Mountain, then waaay up, around 8,000ft elevation. Bonus loop for those who are interested. Some of the very best views-by-bike available in the San Jacintos. Expect to be back around mid afternoon.
GPS track? nope, sorry.
Food & Water: Robot food, energy bars, chews, etc are all available at the shop. Bring plenty of water. Potable water at the spring near the top of the Black Mountain climb. Pine Cove Market will be a good stop on the way back (optional singletrack right afterward)
Why’s it called Biscuits & Gravy? Because we’re country like that.

View at the top of Black Mountain Trail
View at the top of Black Mountain Trail


4 thoughts on “Biscuits & Gravy Ride June 29th

  1. This is a must do. Don’t be scared away about some fireroad climbs it’s all good because it gives you the opportunity of looking around as you pedal, the Views are Awesome.
    The High Point is Black Mountain Fire Lookout. If for no other reason you want to do this ride just for the veiw from there.
    It’s gonna be a blast.


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