Club Ride Apparel- technical riding gear that doesn’t look like it.

We have been loving this line of clothing- Club Ride Apparel


Club Ride from Sun Valley, ID, specializes in technical apparel that doesn’t look the part. And I like it so much that on a given ride it’s more likely than not that I’ll be wearing it.

We just got in some new, screened freshness: the Bolt with a stylish asymmetrical pattern features our “Ride Fast, Live Slow” badge on the sleeve. This jersey, like the New West, features a ventilation control system via a traditional jersey zip that’s hidden from view behind a set of western styled snaps. The back of the jersey has the pocket you’d expect from a technical piece, and the whole thing is made of a semi-stretchable, technical fabric… that actually works.
We have these in blue, or black in all sizes, running $89 with a piece of Idyllwild at no extra charge.



For the ladies, we have the Bandara. Made from the same technical fabric as the Bolt & others, Bandara features full length ventilation on the sides and a flattering cut (cute if I may say so). This piece has two slim pockets in the back and a collar to frame your face just right when you’re relaxing après ride. We have size runs in dark purple, and teal, as well as light blue in limited numbers. They’ll set you back $89.




Other great pieces include the Vibe jersey (my personal favorite) and the Roxbury for a more understated look. We have several other pieces in store in smaller quantities (think exclusivity!) that are worth a closer look.


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