Rejuvenation Celebration on The Hill- Idyllwild Opening Again

The evacuation order for the Idyllwild area was just lifted. Locals are filing back in to town and beginning the return to normalcy.

The Mountain Fire has over the past week led us to the verge of heartbreak, and consumed our thoughts… but it has also grown our community closer to one another, forged new friendships and reinforced community bonds. I for one feel even better connected with the town I love after this fire than I did before. I am extremely proud to be a part of Idyllwild. Now it’s time to give back.

The imagery & coverage on TV news has been daunting and scary, but I’m here to tell you: To many, Idyllwild will appear pretty much the same. Some folks lost their homes- friends of ours, and fixtures of the community- but our town and vast swaths of our natural resources were spared thanks to the outstanding efforts by fire personnel working the Mountain Fire. We stand strong and ready to open for business again soon.

Many of our mountain bike trails remain unchanged. The “middle May Valley” area got burned and will take time to rebirth, but mainstay trails at Hurkey Creek, the Hub system, Thomas Mountain, and more all remain unscathed.


We want your support.
Local businesses will have been effectively closed for a week. As many of you know, Idyllwild depends on your visits for our economic health. Restaurant wait staff haven’t been earning tips, stylists & barbers haven’t been cutting hair, and storekeeper’s doors have been shuttered. The list goes on.

Come up for a visit- spend a weekend with us in town. Here’s some activities for you to consider this coming weekend:

-Saturday, July 27th, 9am at Hub Cyclery
Rejuvenation Ride and Cyclists’ Moment of Thanks: Please join us at The Hub for a Rejuvenation Ride around town followed immediately by a MTB ride at the Hub system.
The town ride and Cyclists’ Moment of Thanks is open to all rider abilities and bicycle types. Expect a leisurely, social pace and a stop for a moment to give thanks to the remarkable men and women who’ve worked so hard to preserve our town and way of life. We will gather for a group photo during the moment of thanks to share with the world.
After that, we’ll hit the trails at the Hub system for some of the finest Singletrack Idyllwild has to offer. 😉

-Sunday, July 28th 10-noon at the ICRC site on Hwy 243
Sunday Bike Rodeo: Bring your kids, bikes, helmets, and safety gear for a FREE safety check, helmet & pad inspection, and kids skills course. Expect a relaxed atmosphere and a fun time with your little ones.

In conjunction with either day’s event, please consider donating to the Idyllwild Help Center. Financial donations can be made here, or we will be accepting non-perishable food items at the shop and during upcoming events.

We will have more info on next weekend’s events soon on our website and on our Facebook page. Stay tuned or call the shop with any questions. Please consider making a weekend of it, staying in our campgrounds or inns, eating from our restaurants, and shopping at our stores.

We appreciate your support!

Brendan Collier

4 thoughts on “Rejuvenation Celebration on The Hill- Idyllwild Opening Again

    1. Zachariah, Hurkey Creek and the trails immediately outside it DID NOT burn, nor did the uppermost May Valley trails.
      In fact, the fire has affected only 2 of the trails in the Idyllwild Fat Tire Top Ten guidebook I’m writing…


  1. Wow, great news all around, too close of a call, lookin forward to visiting again, especially to see the bike rodeo! Unfortunately I am booked in San Diego this weekend! Congrats guys!


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