Wingnut Packs- versatile, smart design

Wingnut packs stand out in the world of mountain biking & multi sport adventure.

The lightweight packs are elegant in design and come with no frills- but the unique Lowrider System and patented “wing” pouches set them apart from other packs on the market. The philosophy is simple: keep the weight low so as to minimize leverage on your back, and add the patented “wing” pockets so you can grab things while you’re riding.


Mary and I have been using Wingnut packs exclusively for the last 7 years, including her race of Tour Divide in 2008. I’m telling you, these packs just flat out carry great and feel more agile than anything else we’ve tried.
They’re made of lightweight sail cloth (same as most of the bikepacking gear we carry) and are sewn here in the USA.

We keep good inventory of these three models here at the shop. Call us anytime at 951.659.4070 or drop an email to get one on order. We will ship any of these for free in the US.

The Hyper 2.5
This is the pack that best defines the Wingnut concept. Carries low, gives plenty of ventilation for your back. Good cargo volume for day rides. Only downside is it will not carry a full 100 oz water reservoir. We sell ’em for $105


The Hyper 3.0
Think of it as a 2.5 with a taller top. It accommodates a fully loaded traditional 100 oz reservoir and plenty of gear. If you can only have one pack, this might be your ticket. It’ll set you back $120 shipping included.


The Enduro
The Enduro takes the height & width dimensions of the 3.0 but adds significant depth, plus an exterior mesh pocket. This was my pack of choice on AZT a few years ago to carry a bigger load of food & gear without too much weight on the bike. More recently, I use mine for more luxurious overnight trips, one that might need more gear or involve cooking food, for example. These go for $130 with shipping included.


Want one for summer adventure? Give us a shout!

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