Velocity Blunt 35 Wheel Builds

We’ve been building up some wide & deep wheels lately using Velocity’s Blunt 35 rim..


My time riding & evaluating our demo Salsa Mukluk got me thinking about how fat(er) tires might affect everyday endurance XC riding. If the fatbike’s 4″ tires could provide seemingly endless traction… but we’ve been getting by with 2.1″ for so long… what might we find in the middle?


The Blunt 35 rims are significantly larger than a standard XC rim, and feature a much deeper cavity. While the rims are big- 6mm wider than a NoTubes Flow- because they are made for xc & trail use, they’re not terribly heavy. They use a tubeless system similar to other non-UST rims that works well, mounts up quickly with familiar yellow tape. Bonus, they’re made in USA.

What it means on the trail–
Tires are smoother, and stickier. There is no doubt about it.
They’ve really shined for me in desert Singletrack loose-over-hard conditions, adding comfort and grip in high speed corners and low speed chunk, going down, or going up. I built up a demo/shop set with this year’s AZT 300 in mind, which a number of us Idyllwild folk are eyeing a run on. I do believe I’ll bring the shop pair for the job.
In the mountains, these rims seem to do no wrong. They lean over hard, but accelerate quickly enough to “run with the big dogs” on shop rides and shoot outs.

Some specs & facts–.
Mounting your everyday trail tire on theses results in a wider contact patch for a given tire and a significant increase in air volume. A given 2.2″ tire swells to 2.4″ and gets a more squared off profile. Tires volume is increased significantly as well; they seem to take quite a bit more air to inflate. How much more? I can’t really quantify. But I can say that a single 20gr CO2 cartridge does not inflate a flat tire to sufficient pressure to ride. I’d very much like to try the old style WTB Weirwolf on these… anybody have a stash they’d like to share?
I have been consistently running the demo/shop set at about 5 psi less than I had been with NoTubes Arch rims on a given tire & condition.

The Blunt 35’s we’ve had through the shop have all weighed *less* than the claimed weight of 575 grams. Most have been in the 550 gram range, which was a pleasant surprise. They built up well and seem to hold round & true. No complaints so far.


4 thoughts on “Velocity Blunt 35 Wheel Builds

  1. Great to read this. Thanks for the review. I’ve been running P35’s with Racing Ralphs or Specialized Purgatory’s on my steel Jones Spaceframe for the last 2 years, and I certainly agree about the grip and volume. I’m now running the rear P35 rimmed wheel on my Niner Rip9 (with Racing Ralph) and have experienced no downside. I have one old Weirwolf, so I’ll try it on the back.


  2. True, it is a nice USA-made rim/wheelset. I run it on my 2001 Cannondale Bad Boy Ultra that does double-duty, with Kenda SB8 Cross tires, for dirt and Vittoria Rubino Pro Tech 2 Mithril, for urban/road. The width makes it corner unreal and they spin up pretty fast too. I had it built with super-light American Classic Disc hubs and they both came out to 1477g, without skewers/rotors. Not bad at all, for a 29er/700c wheelset.


  3. Very nice write-up… hard to find a good review of the Blunt 35’s. I think I may have to go this route… my 23mm wide rims are just too dang narrow now. Since riding my fat bike I’ve been bitten by the wide rim bug 🙂


    1. Thanks Doug. We’ve had some folks try them and not like them… the complaint being it makes for a heavier wheel. In my opinion, it’s important to keep perspective here- yes they’re heavier than your average XC or race rim, but on a spectrum of volume/traction gain vs weight & compatibility with “what you’re already riding” they’re quite good.
      PS- we’d be happy to ship you a set of rims or wheels when you’re ready!


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