2013 Stagecoach 400 is on!

The date is set, and some new details are up. The 2013 Stagecoach 400 is set to go. 


The ride is set to start on April 26th at 9am, from Cafe Aroma in Idyllwild, CA. 

To benefit the Idyllwild Community Fund
Taking a nod from the successful food drive at the ’12 San Jacinto Enduro, this year’s ride will benefit the Idyllwild Community Fund. An excellent local organization with a proven track record, Stagecoach riders have a suggested donation of $20 to the ICF. 

Registration is open
The registration form is OPEN on the SC400 info page. The FAQ page has been updated. 

Route changes
This year’s route is tweaked from last year’s inaugural route. Minor route changes exist throughout the ride, and major adjustments are made with Noble Canyon and the hike-a-bike after Alpine being optional. 

Riders dinner & meeting
The riders meeting is set for Thursday, 6pm at Hub Cyclery. Food will be provided by Cafe Aroma. 

It’s bad to the bone
The Stagecoach 400 is tricky, and tough. We’ll go ahead and say it’s the toughest, trickiest, longest mountain bike ride in California, and certainly among the hardest in the nation. If you have questions about it, please ask. 

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