Top 12 from 2012 at The HUB, Idyllwild

Trails Kept Getting Better

Wayne gets grippy on Mystic Dubbing
Wayne gets grippy on Mystic Dubbing

We’ve never before had such an active crew of locals ready to pitch in their backbreaking labor to keep the trails in tip top shape. Existing trails all got brushwork and tread work this year.

Simon Barnes Joined The Hub

Simon and Mary on the Virigin River Rim after Interbike

Simon joined us this year, part time. He’s a good Wrench to have around, and a great guy. He’s currently helping us develop our suspension service & tuning offerings beyond that of other Southern California shops. He’s good with machine equipment and he’s got an English accent, which is pretty fun too.

Community Support For Riding


We love Idyllwild, and Idyllwild seems to love us. We’re happy to contribute to our local economy, and help shape the town into an ever-better place to live. We’ve felt the love from locals who’ve made us their go-to shop. And we’ve been super excited to integrate deeper into the business community, especially with the other businesses interested in promoting the healthy lifestyle in Idyllwild. Cheers go out especially to Cafe Aroma, Idyllwild Inn, Stawberry Creek Inn, and Higher Grounds Coffee Shop.

The Stagecoach 400

Kevin brings it home at the end of a SC400 tour

When we hosted the inaugural running of the Stagecoach 400 this year, it became an instant classic. The self-supported ultra endurance mountain bike race attracted the nation’s strongest riders, with Jay Petervary and Eszter Horanyi setting blistering records that will likely stand for some time. It was California’s first significant mulitday ultra ride, and afforded Southern Californians getting into ultras a local opportunity to cut their teeth. Likewise, the route has attracted a number of tourists from out of the area who seek to ride the route without watching the clock.

Bikepacking Has Been Blowing Up in Idyllwild 

Bruce, Errin, Robin, and Nick enjoy a campout near Idyllwild

At under 2 hours drive time from Los Angeles or San Diego, Idyllwild is an ideal jump off point to get yourself under the stars. We’ve opened up an entire section of the store to just bike packing gear, and always carry a significant inventory of the products we use and endorse regularly. It’s becoming a serious business up here, and we just love to share our passion for bike packing with our customers.

Women’s Overnighter Clinics

Wendy, Laurie, Mary, and Ann enjoy a moment in Coyote Canyon

Mary has been hosting Women’s Bikepacking clinics at the shop, and on the trails. These clinics have created a veritable army of lady bike packers, all out pushing limits in the great outdoors.

More Great Bike Offerings

Mary’s Lynskey

Incredibly, we’ve picked up Lynskey, Niner, and Salsa Cycles this year. We’re happy to have a complete product line to offer our customers the very best offering any category. And we’ve embraced Fatbikes. Yeah, they totally make sense up here, right?

New Friends, Lots of Parties



It seems we have somebody new riding the trails just about every day. Southern Californians, Canadians, and people from all over the US. They come in the shop, or we meet them on the trail. We have a great time.

IMBA Got Involved, Advocacy Efforts Underway

**Not at the ranger station.


IMBA is actively working with the local USFS district to complete the Plan Revision they’ve been working on. Things are moving much more quickly than they have in the last seven years, and the outlook for mountain bike access for everyone looks great. We even have a local IMBA chapter.

San Jacinto Enduro & Food Drive, May Valley Cat IMBA Fundraiser

photo-5 copy
can you tell this came from a phone?


The San Jacinto Enduro ran for its 4th year, raising over 300 food items for the local food bank.
The May Valley Cat- a singletrack treasure hunt- raised nearly $1100 for IMBA in a single morning and gave nearly 50 riders a great day on the bike.
Yes, mountain bikers have a good time… and we can do great good while doing it.

Saturday Shop Rides

Not from a shop ride, but still.

We’ve all become better riders because of the regular Saturday rides. The shop rides have helped folks learn the trails better, trade riding pointers, hone technical skills, and ride HARD.

We Still Keep It Real

Yes, that totally happened.

Idyllwild has a higher per capita density of badass, brass-clinking riders than anywhere else in Southern California. We’re still waiting for the latest US Census findings to illustrate those numbers. Until then, we’ll keep hosting our BBQ’s on the deck, fixing kids’ unicycles for cheap, and sharing the occasional beverage with our customers.


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