Did I catch a Niner in there?

Yep, we’re talking Niners. And we’re fresh out of walkie-talkies at the shop.

Niner Bikes brings a great complement to our other lines. The California brand brings a strong racing heritage, gorgeous aesthetics, and performance details that sing our tune. Perfect for our hard charging friends and HUB homies.

We’ve brought in a complete MCR9, already spoken for and going to one lucky boy, and a very flashy Air9 frame.
The MCR9 complete was our first experience working with Niner. Selecting the entry level frame, and entry level build kit (Sram X7) we didn’t have particularly high expectations for much “wow factor.” I was pleasantly surprised to find that not only we were able to specify crank length & stem length for the kit, but we could also tweak certain items in the build as well, like the wheel set and fork. These options really help us deliver the *right* bike every time. I dig it. In the end though, we ended up leaving the kit pretty standard.
And then, when the box arrived… wow!

The MCR9 frame sports shaped tubing throughout, and astonishingly light frame weight for a supposed entry level frame. Nice details include smart cable routing (even with the inside wrapping brake line as we do with Siren frames) and an additional water bottle mount under the down tube on this XS frame size.

And the “entry level” X7 build kit is anything but mundane. It features a very respectable tubeless American Classic wheel set, paired with Schwalbe Racing Ralph tires to keep the rotating weight down. Plus a carbon fiber seat post to smooth the ride even more and drop the weight even a touch lower. Yes, we are impressed. And stoked to have Niner aboard!

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