Esbit Solid Fuel Stove for Bikepacking

I own probably a dozen different lightweight stoves, but this one gets my most frequent use.

The Esbit is small, cheap, light, and simple. What’s more to like?

First off, we sell this stove for about ten bucks. Seriously. It’s just about the cheapest stove you can buy. And that includes six tablets of fuel. But I like it not because it’s cheap, but because it’s badass. And because we’re building an army of badasses, we sought them out just so we can carry them at The Hub.

What makes it so badass?

It sits just slightly larger than a deck of cards, folded up with several of it’s solid fuel tablets inside. It fits in the pocket of my Wingnut pack… boils water in 8 minutes at 5500 ft, 62 degrees F. (faster with Starbucks Via already mixed in, for you high school science types)
What’s more? You can warm your Spaghetti-O’s on it. Or, as I’ve done, build a small campfire to enjoy while you sip your (fresh brewed) coffee, still cozied up in your sleeping bag. Just add small twigs & sticks to it and zone out to that mini caveman TV.
The Esbit is simple enough to not require any maintenance whatsoever. It’s bulletproof. Sorta literally; it has that blue-helmet UN peacekeeping feel to it. Takes you back to the cold war days of good ol’ West Germany, where it was made. There’s plenty of military surplus Trioxane fuel to be bought and used for it, thought it’s not as good as the real Esbit stuff.
But I digress.

It’s perfect for making a quick cup of coffee or tea- I’ve used mine to make Starbucks Via instant coffee on most of my “go out with friends and have a good time” trips, and even some racing. It’s also good for that late afternoon caffeine ritual, all it takes is a short break somewhere nice to fire it up and soak in the views.

So yeah, great stove. You can use it to sanitize water, cook with, and have your own private chiminera. For ten bucks at The Hub Cyclery.

3 thoughts on “Esbit Solid Fuel Stove for Bikepacking

  1. Fun bonus info:
    We compared the performance of Esbit fuel to Bluet fuel.
    5500 ft, 62 degrees F in front of the bike shop. Timed until 16 oz of COLD water came to a low boil (enough to rattle the top of our Ti mug) then continued to time until it no longer maintained a low boil. Here are the results:

    Esbit: 8 minutes to boil, quickly moved on to rapid boil. Total burn to 12 minutes at low boil.
    Bluet: 11 minutes to boil, did not reach rapid boil, but maintained well beyond 16 minutes burn time.


  2. This portable stove is really simple, light and cheap, but it only can offer us hot water or coffee. If just for bike-packing, it is enough, but if we want to use it cook something, it is far from enough.


    1. True Jane. Our purpose is for bikepacking and minimalist travel. One of the women on my overnighter brought her jetboil and that’s a pretty awesome answer for a little more involved cooking when you’re willing to carry the added weight and take the time to cook. We also sell MSR stoves, which can make a mean quiche in camp!


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