Chuck’s Custom Horsethief


Chuck’s long-legged steed rolls in control with a loose grip on the reigns.

The Salsa Horsethief is essentially a long-legged Spearfish; a straightforward, elegantly simple suspension design that works well, saves weight, and requires little maintenance. The Horsetheif packs a bit more travel in the package but still keeps much of the efficient climbing prowess of the racier Spearfish. Chuck came to prefer this for his riding tastes and decided on the big ‘un. The bike boasts reasonably lengthed chain stays thanks to a bent seat tube, and a direct mount front derailleur. The rear end maintains good stiffness via a 142×12 Maxle setup.

We came up with an ideal build for his purposes. Mostly the parts we’ve come to know and trust in the shop, with a few personal preferences in the mix as well.  We started out with a Shimano XT 3×10 drivetrain rather than the 2×10 we’ve been doing on race bikes lately. Reason being, we wanted to keep the maximal range of gears… and I believe that 32T middle ring is hard to beat for most everyday riding. You just don’t get that with a 2x setup.


The cockpit consists of a Mary Bar, which fans of The Hub know we consider less “alternative” and more “common sense” around these parts. We went with a lightweight forged FSA stem and a carbon FSA post. WTB saddle, and ESI grips for the contact points.








We built up a pair of hand built wheels for the job. NoTubes Arch EX rims roll on Chris King hubs, DT spokes and alloy nipples. The front 15mm QR hub rolls smooth on a noticeably stiff Fox 120mm fork.






It’s a great bike. It’ll do anything, go over the hills and through the woods, get through the rough stuff without bucking.

Featured: Frank Orlando, our shop’s next door neighbor with his 1800’s parlor guitar. Frank teaches all manner of music lessons to anyone eager to learn. His tunes help make the vibe in our cozy complex. Check out his Facebook Page for info and pics of his sweet Ford coupe. 

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