Interbike 2011

Bikes, racing, and deal making. 

This year’s Interbike was our first trip to the Vegas trade show as a bike shop and not just a frame builder/manufacturer. We had a number of objectives to work through at the show, meeting with reps from various brands we’re courting and catching up with the peeps we’ve already been working with.

We packed rolled out of Idyllwild at O’Dark Thirty… Brendan, Mary, Dave, and Alexander packed into the Adventure Subaru like sardines. We each brought a bike (even Zander) and camping gear for our annual follow on to Southwestern Utah. There’s no better place to wash Vegas sins away than atop a mesa in the desert.

We arrived at the convention center with just enough time to meet up with Joe DeCino, a friend of the shop currently helping us out in the 20″ BMX realm. We’ve given him the honorary “BMX Consultant” title.

We perused some new product and went to appointments, the fruits of which will be seen in the shop soon. It’s amazing how quickly time can fly by in that place.

Super hard steel track rings from EuroAsia.

New offerings from the brothers and sisters at Crank. The Cobalt 11 carbon fiber wheelset is now available in the 29″ wheel size.

Mary and Zander checking out the new fabric offerings from Zoic.



Despite all the appointments, we managed to have our fun too. 

Zander’s first gambling experience

Playing in traffic

There was Cross Vegas…


Yellow thing



April and Sarai

The Strip






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