Grant’s Twin Tourer

Grant in Texas came to us for his stylish touring machine

The twin-tubed John Henry is becoming a popular Siren variant…
Some people ask “why’s it got two top tubes?” and my gut response is generally something along the lines of “well, if you’ve got to ask… ”

Yeah, twin top tubed bikes aren’t for everyone. The possibly enhanced vertical compliance is debatable, and there’s a teeny-weeny weight penalty (a bit more than an once, methinks), but the real reason to rock the twins is for style. The bike is easy on the eyes, it’s fun to build, and stands out even further in world of cookie cutter bikes.

Grant’s bike sports some extra curves, in the form of the curvy seatstay bridge, and the disc brake brace. The black-on-black paint scheme, not usually a favorite of mine, looks great on this bike. Here she is just after some torchin’

I’m enjoying these twin tubed bikes. We’ve got a few more in the queue right now, maybe we need to make it official and give ’em a name. Ideas?

11 thoughts on “Grant’s Twin Tourer

  1. Unfortunately these are all the pics I’ve got, other than the process pics we send along the way. It’s pretty similar to this one:
    Also worth mentioning is the cable routing- I placed the guides on the left, and right side so as to keep the visuals nice and clean from the rider’s perspective. I use a half pipe brake line guide as an intermediary before the first single stop on the right side for the derailleur. Nice setup.


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