Gettin’ Ready for Prime Time!

Major construction is pretty much over.

Mary and I have been working in the new shop whenever our day jobs (Idyllwild Arts & Siren, respectively) have allowed… which pretty much leaves weekends and the occasional evening.
In that time, we’ve cleaned, painted, built a bar, workbenches, displays, and put together all sorts of other retail items… got a cash register, programmed it, got CC processing stuff, a phone line installed, and WiFi for our visitors. The shop is looking great and has a good vibe…
We have some pre-orders underway with new suppliers and we’ll be filling the place up soon in preparation for our Grand Opening April 9-10.

The bar/workbench is comfy. (thanks to Marlin for the loaner barstools) The candy machine is stocked with toffee peanuts & chocolate covered espresso beans.

The backside of the bar is super space-efficient workspace… think Scandinavian apartment here. It’s also child-resistant with all the harmful tools & chemicals out of reach for the little guy.

Retail space ready for goods. Mary rescued these very cool quarter-sawn oak drawers from a stricken desk. A little time with some steel & TIG welder and voila! A nice retail display.
We’ll have slatwall hooks coming in this week… and the little blue bike is the little guy’s future ride.

We also built up an indoor bike rack and a spare for outdoor use. We’ll probably have bikes spilling out of the place soon!

Next on the agenda: frame rack, and plans for the Grand Opening… stay tuned!


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