Peddling Pedaling at The HUB

Coming soon to Idyllwild: Hub Cyclery, aka “The HUB”

A new bike shop coming to Idyllwild, CA. The HUB is:
– a full service bike shop. Training wheels to overhauls and everything in between.
– a bike boutique. We offer world class product lines and comprehensive support.
– a social HUB. Speak easy about riding around town, or get beta on the trails.
– thinking globally, acting locally.

The genesis for the HUB came from some talks last year with Bud Hunt, who’s been the cornerstone of cycling in Idyllwild since before we were riding with training wheels. Suffice it to say we are honored to carry on the Idyllwild bike shop tradition and focus not just on selling bikes, but peddling pedaling.

In time we’ve been here, the active lifestyle has begun to flourish, with businesses around town putting down roots in the healthy living scene. And Idyllwild has made its way onto the Southern California cyclist’s radar as a first class cycling destination. Where five years ago it might be rare to find another rider on local singletrack, making new friends on our trails is now commonplace.
We believe in cycling as a healthy pursuit for mind, body, and spirit… for our neighbors here in town and weekend visitors coming up for a breath of fresh air.

Come join us for the ride.

Brendan & Mary


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