Barney Bars

Fred’s friend.

I made these up just before we headed out for our annual trip to visit Gooseberry Mesa and the good folks of Virgin, UT. They’re made of 3/2.5 titanium and have a comfy sweep and forward bend in the midsection for more brake lever real estate and a super comfy alternate hand position.

This set is 27.5″ wide, and I’ll be making a new set for Mary soon in a narrower size. I’d like to flatten more of the bar’s midsection, and perhaps lengthen (and/or bend) the forward end of the handles.

If and when we ever produce these bars for sale, we’ll likely fab up the midsections in batches, then whack & miter the ends for custom sweep & width… all made to order. We’ll also try to keep the price reasonable.

4 thoughts on “Barney Bars

  1. Ride the Divide in Jackson last night. My 3 y.o. made it to the half way point, need to see the end! I can picture Barney and Fred rocking together on Tour Divide rigs…hmmmm…..


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