Meghan’s Hydra

Meghan wanted to step up her game, and step up to a 26″ bike.

She’d had trouble finding off-the-shelf bikes with adequate standover clearance, and had settled on a pair of 24″ bikes. One was light and tiny, one was heavy and tall. After Mary & I rode with Meghan and her husband Hobie a while back, we determined that we could indeed fit her to a 26″ bike. Hydra was the solution:

We had a few criteria:
Sub 25″ standover clearance
balanced fit, forgiving handling
adequate wheelbase length
light weight

Meghan’s Hydra has all of the aforementioned features, including a 3.75″ head tube, slack head angle, steep seat angle, tight tucked in rear wheel with plenty of good tire clearance, and two water bottle mounts.

The frame is built of Easton Scandium and carbon fiber where applicable.

Meghan & Hobie built the bike light, weighing in sub 18 lbs complete with 2.35″ tires mounted. Her first few rides were summarized with something like “perfectly amazing in every area.

8 thoughts on “Meghan’s Hydra

  1. First photo – background: lawn chair, or massive jump for gapping the canyon in the background? And the hydra? Sub-18 is what dreams are made of, large or small!!


  2. Brian- we have more good reason for you to get out of bed today.

    Carney- yes, carbon seatstays.

    Jack- Giant lawn chair or massive jump; either way I like it.


  3. the bike is perfect for her. she is just as confident on this bike as she was her DH bike with a 65 degree HTA. she doesn’t even notice that she isn’t on 24″ wheels which is good. both her other bikes were FS and she doesn’t even notice that its a hardtail!


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