Ketchup. Or Catsup?

We’ve been wonderfully distracted by the birth of our son, Alexander Ray Collier. More on him soon.

Some of the John Henrys we’ve shipped to dealers lately:
(Thanks to Todd for the help with the backdrop. Makes picture-taking much easier these days)

To The Path Bike Shop:

A medium John Henry, with belt drive provisions. This is a fairly inexpensive custom option we can add to any frame.

A Stealth Black XL John Henry

Grimace ML John Henry

To My Next Bike, Manila, Philippines:

ML Orange Julius

Pacific Blue Medium John Henry

Almond Creme medium John Henry:

Fire Red Medium John Henry:

This Almond XL John Henry went to Sunday Cycles in Phoenix, AZ:
(I didn’t even have time to snap a pic of this one in the shop)

Most recently, to Banning’s Bikes. Bannings is not an Authorized Siren Dealer.

A Sparkle Silver ML John Henry

5 thoughts on “Ketchup. Or Catsup?

  1. Brendan your bikes are beautiful. Someday I’m gonna have to own one. Didn’t even know about Sunday Cycles here in Phx… that is till I read your post here. Peace brotha – enjoy that lil one of yours, they grow up so quick.


  2. congrats again, Brendan, Mary, Alex, and Dave too!

    we also got word that a big big box just arrived here, so expect some photos of built up John Henrys – Philippine styleee!


  3. Congratulations! Our due date is days away. I am loving the bikes. I am curious what tubing is stock in the John Henry? Also, what are you calling the blue decking out the belt drive custom at the top of the post? I like!


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