The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer

With much anticipation, we introduce the Steel Drivin’ Man.

A little background on the American Folklore Hero

excerpt from

But John Henry, he worked tirelessly, drilling with a 14-pound hammer, and going 10 to 12 feet in one workday. No one else could match him.

Then one day a salesman came along to the camp. He had a steam-powered drill and claimed it could out-drill any man. Well, they set up a contest then and there between John Henry and that there drill. The foreman ran that newfangled steam-drill. John Henry, he just pulled out two 20-pound hammers, one in each hand. They drilled and drilled, dust rising everywhere. The men were howling and cheering. At the end of 35 minutes, John Henry had drilled two seven foot holes – a total of fourteen feet, while the steam drill had only drilled one nine-foot hole.

John Henry held up his hammers in triumph! The men shouted and cheered. The noise was so loud, it took a moment for the men to realize that John Henry was tottering. Exhausted, the mighty man crashed to the ground, the hammer’s rolling from his grasp. The crowd went silent as the foreman rushed to his side. But it was too late. A blood vessel had burst in his brain. The greatest driller in the C&O Railroad was dead.


Our first “standard handbuilt” frame is ready to go… anywhere you want to go. In honor of the John Henry namesake, we build this hammer-swinger the old school way- here in US, by people who ride & love building bikes and take pride in their craft. John Henry hammers in quality and performance comparable to high end custom frames, with a competitive price available through your local bike shop, or directly from us at Siren Bicycles.

Features include size-specific tubing throughout the size range, packing in as much value as we can with our proprietary mix.

Our 5 size range includes the elusive “tweener” size; medium-large.

Go to your local bike shop or contact us directly to get drivin’

John Henry is true to Siren roots with a bent, premium quality double butted top tube. Despite the added expense, we still believe in maintaining good standover clearance & enhanced ride quality.


US made Paragon sliding dropouts- the undisputed best in the business- come standard issue. You can head for the hills with derailleurs, or run silent on one gear.

The added torque brace enhances braking power and boosts frame integrity in a high stress area.


The s-bend stays and a 73mm bb shell accommodate the very largest 29″er tires out there, even in the “short” setting on the sliders.


Hidden brake line routing protects your expensive hydraulic brakes in case of a crash.


Frame weights are competitive throughout the size range, coming in a full 1/4 lb lower than the leading high end production steel 29″er.

Standard, no charge options include 5 decal color choices:


Like all Sirens, we can also do full custom work with the John Henry. Custom options include tubing options, finish, custom geometry & fit, rack mounts, extra water bottle mounts, Rohloff compatibility, etc.

Hammer on.

11 thoughts on “The Legend of John Henry’s Hammer

  1. Thanks guys.
    GT- that pink decal is sure to please. 🙂 I wonder if we should do something in gold too?

    And, in case you didn’t see it, surf on over to and enter to win a FREE John Henry.

    Ride on.



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