WBR-Siren Team Song SL’s

Among the the hottest bikes we’ve done yet.


Solo racers Chris Strout and Todd Carpenter will be piloting these bikes in West Virginia this coming weekend at the 24 Hours of Big Bear.

They’ve both been racing Song 55’s for the past year, adding these two will give them more options in the solo pit.

The Song SL is essentially a lighter, prototype version of the current Song platform. They feature a lighter tubeset, enlightened bottom bracket shell, anodized rear end and bond-in titanium seatstays for extra compliance.

Chris’s flex plate is also optimized for SRAM’s new XX component group, in particular the low q-factor 2×10 cranks. He’ll be running the full group on his bike this weekend.


Fabrication was a little easier for these two bikes, as Todd & Chris both ride about the same sized bike.


They’re both 24.5″ ETT sized bikes, with forgiving, slackish geometry. They weigh just under 4.2lbs each. Not bad for such big bikes!

The down tube notes- both have special significance for the guys…



One has silver decals, the other has white decals- to tell them apart better in the pit.


5 thoughts on “WBR-Siren Team Song SL’s

  1. This yoke style is looking pretty sweet, optimizing your flex and improving functional purposes for manufacturing and repair…. nuts and bolts are cool.


  2. Chris- I can’t wait for you guys to race these machines.

    Brandi- thanks for the kind words. If you’re ever interested in doing a joint Siren/Kind project I’d be all ears.


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