5 thoughts on “Friday Haiku & Random Photo

  1. I love it! I used to teach English. Creative writing was my favorite subject. You never knew what the kids would write.

    Are you teaching at the school on the side??


  2. I thought it was good too.
    As for working at the Arts Academy… I’ve been there since leaving Intense- and next Saturday marks both my last day there & my FIRST day of being a full-time Sirenite. It’s been getting tough as late working in the shop before and after the school… but I’ll miss it. I had no idea you were an English teacher OJ!


  3. FWIW, my buddy Jay Garrison once had over 100 squirrels in his freezer. Excessive yes and I’m sure that squirrel population has never quite recovered…..

    He did have a mullet too…but so did I back then.


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