Mmm toasty! Frieda comes to the party

Frieda, aka Longbow V2.0 was born yesterday.

She’s a hot little number. (320 degrees in the photo)

We based her on the first Longbow, with a few minor changes in geometry and tubing. Long story short, she’s light, tough, and ready to bring it. Features include full length cable housing, loads of mud clearance, good real estate for the frame bag (Carousel Design Works), 3+ h20 mounts, plus “another” cargo mount under the BB for a lower center of gravity.

Geometry is long & low, fit to be ridden from Mary bars, Fred bars, or Aero bars.

7 thoughts on “Mmm toasty! Frieda comes to the party

  1. Hey Chris- that’s a post-weld age cycle. Welding anneals the aluminum & leaves it in a weaker state in the heat-affected-zone. Without being overly technical, the age cycle (10 hours of baking at 2 temps) brings it back to full strength.


  2. Here you go Chris- this is a quick read & actually pretty good:

    Our bikes are 7005 tubed, or with some variants in the 7xxx series. Pretty cool stuff if you’re nerdy enough to get into it.

    Aluminum metallurgy is still pretty new, and advances are still coming. I’ve heard that the Wright Brothers were among the first to use age-hardened Al, in the crankcase.


  3. East Chris (or City Chris?) that bike turned out really pretty. Unfortunately, I never so much as snapped a single photo of her before we shipped her off.

    Your cameraphone photos are appreciated… but we need more after your ride this weekend!


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