Continuing education

First a road bike, now this…

The creative appetite is strong right now. We’ve had a great week, jamming hard in the shop & turning out some really sweet rides, each with their own twist of extra style or performance.

But now my mind’s consumed with this weekend’s Jam Session with Matt & Anton in Tucson. Mary will be joining us late, rolling in her new Karmann Ghia.


What started as a novelty project for me has turned into something bigger, in that obsessive, “I can sleep some other time” kinda way. Anton has acquired a bunch of bamboo & prepared it for a building frenzy. I’m bringing a few items from the Siren shop, and hope to bring back something good.

Anton is new to bike cobbling, but has his head in the right place & is willing to learn by doing… and with Matt in the mix, it’s shaping up to be a darned good tinkering sesh.

6 thoughts on “Continuing education

  1. Matt- no, not a Song. Totally different beast. But similar, in a way… no titanium. no shock.

    Jruss- take a look over at Mary’s blog & she’s got a small pic up there. She’s wanted a Ghia for as long as I’ve known her… about a year ago we were visiting her family in NM & happened past one parked in a yard with grass growing up around the sides. We asked if they’d sell it & the next day we were loading it up on a trailer & hauling it to her Mom & Dad’s house. I’ll let Mary tell you about all the work they’ve put into it this week, but suffice it to say it’ll be in darned good shape by the weekend!

    it’s a 1970 hardtop.


  2. Very cool Brendan! I used to have a custom fly rod business and always wanted to build a bamboo version. It has amazing properties and I’ll look forward to seeing your work!


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