Jamming in the shop

Strange weather: When I got to the shop Monday morning, I had to dig out several inches of snow around the roll-up door… by the time I left it had just about all melted!

First order of business was cleaning up the Bridgeport, which was set up for some weird mods we made to one of the proto Songs before Old Pueblo.

I heart rotary table.

Everything’s orderly now, and there’s a good flow in the shop. The weather is supposed to get better every day this week, and I’m ready to take it to eleven! Today is inventory & re-order day, then I’ll finish what I started yesterday: a straight top tube Trauco singlespeed.


Today this bike gets seatstays, v-brake posts, and rack mounts.

6 thoughts on “Jamming in the shop

  1. Just finished the VeloNews buyer’s guide for 08, all these shop interviews they do … I always knew those guys cleaned before the photographer showed up … their shops are too clean! Awesome to see some “work in progress” shots!


  2. You don’t see what lurks behind the camera! The shop was a total disaster after the last binge. It’s kinda like cooking, I suppose, with the kitchen getting messy for a good meal. You’ve gotta clean it up before you get started again though.

    I do believe clean shops work better; that ethic was instilled in me from working on aircraft. We always kept track of our tools, and cleaned after each and every job.


  3. Cool, thanks Steve!
    I heart my jig. A friend/retired aerospace toolmaker made it; it’s very similar to what we used at Intense for prototypes & one-offs. It really shines on suspension bikes, because you can undo it & articulate the rear end. The downside (sort of) is that I have to join my BB&ST in a subassembly with a different fixture.

    Thanks man! I hope to visit you in Flag maybe this June?


  4. Anton,
    I’ll be in Tucson late next week or next weekend, I’d love to help you figure the stays out. Sounds like it could be a learning experience for both of us!
    How much of a compromise do you think it would be to go with an 83mm bottom bracket? It would give you some more real estate, that’s for sure…


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