Better days

So, yesterday was one of those days I’d just as soon take off the books. Today- all three hours of it- have been better! I started the day off with a cup of coffee & this:


and this- nature’s rhythms are subtly strong here.


Sometimes it’s hard to see past the daily ebb & flow of things. All & all, things are on the rise. Good times ahead!

8 thoughts on “Better days

  1. Hey, glad to hear you put yesterday behind you. Nothing like starting off with coffee and sunshine in the mountains to hit the reset button. Look forward to talking to you tonight!


  2. Hey thanks Chris, actually I guess I’m still working on it. Anyhow, it sure is nice out there.
    I’ll be around all evening, any time is good.


  3. Long days at work tend to get the best of you even when you are doing what you love. You HAVE to make time like you did here! It is a must! It’s freaking beautiful up there!


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