Siren garb

Wanna look good like these people? You have two choices:

a) train your a@# off and strut around your local racecourse in bike clothes

b) order your Siren t-shirt. They’re high quality, American Apparel shirts & oh-so comfy. And at twenty bucks, plus shipping, it’s a lot easier than doing intervals.

8 thoughts on “Siren garb

  1. My two choices are:

    – send you the $20, which I am happy to do, or…

    – trade you a Hermosa Tours t-shirt which will be done in a few weeks.

    There is no 3rd choice of doing intervals.



  2. Great looking shirts! Since we missed the Pueblo, we didn’t get a chance to see your stickers. I bet those look great too. We’ve finally got our shirt setup going, so if you need shirts printed, let us know! Also, I’ve found a site for great AA shirt prices.


  3. Mary-no option for you; keep pedaling! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Matt- hmm… let’s talk

    OJ- thanks! we have women’s cuts, too ๐Ÿ™‚

    Chris- that’s extra credit

    Yumi- good to hear it, let’s talk!


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