Good, clean livin’

Us Sirenites enjoyed a fantastic weekend of racing & each other’s company at the 1st race of the year. While Mary & Todd raced the course at Vail Lake, Terri’s husband, Rick Wahlberg, and I staffed the pit & kept the good times rollin’. I learned that Rick & I share a similar past, in that we were both aircraft avionics technicians once upon a time. He took me on a much-appreciated stroll down memory lane…

Phil stopped by early in the day to talk some business about the new Song parts & cheer on the racers, beer in hand. Idyllwild Dave raced on a 2-person team and stopped by with home-made chili Yumi had made, and yet even more beer. #002, who we met at the Rwanda Ride, finished his first Twelver grinning ear-to-ear. It was great seeing him & sharing a sampling of some delicious beers, which we enjoyed after the ride… He’s also our good-luck charm, as we’ve hung out with him twice now & cleaned up in post-event raffles each time. If raffle-winning were a sport, we’d probably get into that, too.

The weather was splendid, 60 degrees & sunny, with reportedly perfect trail conditions. When the warm rain arrived in the evening it just added a new, good dynamic to the event as everyone huddled under various EZ Ups- kind of like having a party in a space that’s too small. Everyone was close & comfortable.

It was nice getting back into the swing of things on the race circuit, a great shakedown for all aspects of the road life. Today Mary & I spent a lot of time in building supplies stores, moving at a slow pace. We’re building a new age oven for the shop that will hold 3 bikes at a time, which I’ll share here before too long. The bikes are still dirty & we couldn’t care less.

Oh, and it’s Katie’s birthday! Kate’s one cool homegirl from So Ill, the better half of the Matt/Katie equation, and one of the smartest, hardest working women I’ve had the pleasure to have a beer with.

Now I’m about two-thirds of the way through #002’s Oskar Blues Brewery “TenFidy” and a huge bowl of home-made Kettle Corn. Beck’s Mutations is spinning & the livin’s easy. It’s a good day in the blogosphere!

5 thoughts on “Good, clean livin’

  1. This will be the “beer post” for a while. Or until next time…

    I also forgot to mention this: Word on the street has it that some guy who won- and then was stripped of- last year’s TDF just moved to Idyllwild.


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